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Electrifying Nostalgia:

The ‘True Blue’ Mk1 Mini EV Conversion by Mini Sport and Recharged Heritage

In the vanguard of automotive innovation, where the past meets the future, Recharged Heritage presents the classic Mini EV conversion story that's nothing short of electrifying. 'True Blue', a meticulous masterpiece by Mini Sport, stands as a testament to the seamless blend of cherished heritage and advanced electric mobility.

A Timeless Classic Reborn

Nestled at the intersection of timeless design and contemporary engineering, 'True Blue' emerges as a paragon of the classic Mini EV movement. Mini Sport has achieved a pioneering feat, integrating an electric powertrain into a Mk1 Mini, a venture never before attempted. This breakthrough ensures that 'True Blue' propels into the future without compromising its historic integrity.

Preserving the Purity of Design

In a dance of delicate balance, Mini Sport has ensured that the essence of 'True Blue' remains untouched. The chassis, a sacred scripture of Mini's lineage, remains unaltered, safeguarding the vehicle's originality. This approach allows for a reverent nod to the past, with the capacity to revert to its original engine, should the whispers of history call.


The Power of Electric

But why embrace an electric future? The benefits are clear and compelling. The transition to a Mini EV signifies a leap into a world of efficiency, sustainability, and a renewed driving experience. With zero emissions, 'True Blue' transforms into a vehicle fit for the environmental consciousness of our times. And with the drivability and performance enhancements, it ensures a ride that's smooth, responsive, and utterly delightful.

Craftsmanship and Customisation

Mini Sport's restoration of 'True Blue' is a narrative of customisation and exceptional craftsmanship. With the addition of an electric power steering system designed by Recharged Heritage, the drive is as effortless as it is precise. The quick-release steering wheel boss offers both security and style, while the 8 speaker Bluetooth stereo system envelops the cabin in acoustic bliss.

For the modern Mini enthusiast, connectivity is key. Hence, 'True Blue' is equipped with a magnetic phone holder and charger, ensuring that navigation and entertainment are always at arm's reach. These special touches not only meet but exceed the customer's expectations, showcasing Mini Sport’s dedication to personalisation.

The Heart of 'True Blue'

The heart of 'True Blue's' electric soul is supplied by Fellten, a vanguard in electric drivetrain systems. This partnership ensures that 'True Blue' pulses with efficient power, providing a driving experience that's both invigorating and eco-friendly.

MINI Recharged – The Subtle Link

As we embrace the future, we also celebrate the synergy between heritage and innovation. MINI Recharged represents this ethos, and 'True Blue' subtly embodies this connection. With the blessing to brandish the MINI wings logo, Recharged Heritage is proud to align with the legacy that BMW MINI continues to build upon.

Drive into the Future with Recharged Heritage

The journey of 'True Blue' is more than a restoration; it's a revolution. By choosing to convert to a classic Mini EV, you're not just driving a car; you're steering a legacy into the future. With Mini Sport’s meticulous craftsmanship and Recharged Heritage’s dedication to electric innovation, 'True Blue' sets the bar for what classic cars can become in an electric era.

Embrace the past, drive the future. Experience the power of electric with 'True Blue', and join the vanguard of the classic Mini EV movement with Recharged Heritage. Discover more about our conversions and how we're redefining the roads of tomorrow, today.