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Discover MINI Recharged

The MINI Recharged Heritage up-cycling project represents the intersection of tradition and the future, breathing new life into classic petrol models as all-electric vehicles. This project, which received endorsement from MINI, is brought to life by the expert engineers of 'Recharged Heritage Limited'. Through their innovative vision, they successfully transformed the classic Mini into a modern, emission-free vehicle, celebrating the perfect blend of tradition and pioneering technology.

This project is not just about creating cutting-edge electric cars, but also about respecting the timeless design and heritage of the classic Mini. The project pays homage to the iconic work of Sir Alec Issigonis, the creator of the first Mini, whose concept of minimum fuel consumption and maximum use of space was a response to the oil crisis of 1959. Today, in the midst of a climate and energy crisis, this concept is more relevant than ever. Up-cycling is the current megatrend, and now classic Minis can join in on the action.

The legendary appeal of
the Mini lives again - now
with Recharged Heritage
green engineering.

Introducing our

100% Electric Classic Mini

Slip into the driving seat, and you’re experiencing design brilliance that turned the motoring world upside down. With the pinpoint accuracy of its steering and its tenacious grip on the road, the Mini Recharged makes modern cars feel lumbering in comparison. Whether this is your introduction to the Mini, or you’ve already experienced its charms, you ought to take a look at the new Mini Recharged.


DVLA approved - a 100% Electric Classic Mini, the first of its kind, yet another amazing milestone in Minis illustrious history .


Extending the life-cycle of Mini, to suit the zero emission environments of the future, so the enjoyment continues for many years.


Capturing the essence of Mini and without compromise to drivability, quality, reliability and safety. The Mini 'wow' factor has never been so strong


Essentially the Mini of more than seven decades ago. The thoroughly modern MINI Recharged is still the original - more refined and better equipped.


A Mini is unique with an important story to tell. Individual and timeless, wanting to stand out from the rest. Your Mini, as you wish!

Engineering Excellence

All-electric performance with traditional go-kart handling, a fully reversible conversion, preserving the original Mini character and history.

The all-electric power unit is a natural modern refinement that responds so eagerly to the throttle. Performance is breathtaking. Incredible traction, combined with inherent motor strength, produces confidence. Creating a familiar feeling, the ‘tingle factor’, that you only get from driving a Mini.
‘Pure’ city mode eases you to 60 in just 11.5 seconds (the same as Mini Cooper Mpi models). Whilst the ‘Sport’ model, surges you there in just 8.5 seconds.

When the Mini was first designed, it revolutionised the idea of the small car. The handling too was years ahead of its time. With the traditional benefits of front wheel drive, a ‘wheel at each corner’ design and almost unbelievable responsive steering, the Mini is a natural in the corners.
With the addition of power steering and the Mini’s neat proportions, it means you’re going to be grabbing the last small space in the car park, parking is an absolute dream.

Choose your Model

Mini Pure

'It’s a small adventure'

You'll be glad to know this modern Mini is a lovely mover. Dart through the traffic and get around the city quickly, the Recharged Mini is the answer to your prayers. Bold and different from any other car on the road, you can go town in style that's all yours.

The Pure models as the name suggests, 100% electric Mini in its purest form. It' still the original. But the thoroughly modern Mini has a great deal to offer you in addition to sheer fun. Propelled by the powertrain of the future, with Cooper matching performance. It's as quick as a wish and also very satisfying.

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Few cars inspire such affection as the Mini.
None has such nonchalant charm.

Mini Sport

'You've just been Mini'd!'

Slip into the seat of the Mini Recharged, and discover a car born to be driven. You don’t have to be a racing driver to understand the Mini Recharged qualities. Just drive - and enjoy. Start up the powerful electric motor. And discover the ultimate Mini. The legend more powerful than ever.

Sport is selected at the touch of button. Power intensifies and the response sharpens. Provoke the throttle, to discover the car is more entertaining to drive than ever. Traction is at the heart of driver engagement, it's all about the way you can use the power. Because it's crisper, tactile and effortlessly usable, the Mini Sport never ceases to astonish with its grip in the bends.

Balance. Feedback. Finesse. Drive it!

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One look and your heart beats a little faster.
One drive, and there’s no going back.

Mini Bespoke

'A statement of style'

A Bespoke MINI Recharged is whatever you want it to be! A work of art, hand-built to order exclusively for you. Travel back in time to the days of mini skirts and rock 'n' roll, with the evocative 60's dynamic and cool look of the Mk1 Cooper S. The Mini has attitude! No other car is as fun or exciting to drive. A natural racing car. Enhance it's sporting ability and imagine being on the race track. Or, add a touch of luxury and travel in style. Slip into sumptuously trimmed seats, listening to your favorite tracks, enjoying a smooth, quiet ride.

The keys to a bespoke Mini Recharged opens the door to a wide world of incredible possibilities. Craft an individual and let your imagination run free. Then take to the road - with a small car that loves driving as much as you do. Have fun, the Mini was made for it.

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    Recharged Heritage Ltd and its suppliers have developed the Mini Classic EV conversion package independently of BMW and BMW has made no engineering contribution to the development programme. Furthermore, BMW does not inspect Recharged Heritage Ltd finished EV converted vehicles.

    Recharged Heritage Ltd is the sales and commissioning agent for its suppliers namely Zero-EV Conversions Ltd and Mini Sport Ltd to reimagine and renovate cars with a new battery electric powertrain. These modified cars will always retain their original historic identification. The brand names of the original car manufacturers are trademarks of those car manufacturers and remain the trademarks of their respective holders. Any mention of trademarked names or other marks is for the purpose of reference only.