To create from the original icon, products that are individualised
with sustainable technology fit for our future environment.
“From the original to the new original”

Core Values

1) Sustainability

  • Extending the life-cycle of existing products
  • Making ready for a zero emission environment
  • Maximised ‘renovate and reuse’ approach
  • Eco-friendly new material selection e.g. no new chrome

2) Authenticity

  • Same handling characteristics
  • Centrally mounted analogue dials and gauges
  • No changes made to body structure
  • UK inspired, designed, developed and built

3) Individuality

  • Each vehicle with an individual back story
  • Creation of re-imagined products whilst respecting heritage
  • Creators of exclusivity for future custodians
  • Bespoke service 'ideas into reality'

4) Engineering excellence

  • Modern High Voltage system
  • High performance capability
  • Modern customer options e.g. service telemetry
  • Conversion completely reversible


MINI & Recharged Heritage

The dedicated team behind the work and development making the MINI Recharged project possible.
Ensuring the bespoke upcycling of the classic Mini is carried out exclusively in the United Kingdom


The guys from MINI Plant Oxford created a plan, that was endorsed by the Head of MINI Brand, all they needed then was to make it possible.

The choice was simple, work only with the best! The Agreement was shaped and a partnership formed between Mini Sport, Zero EV and MINI. From the projects inception, engineering and development have worked in synergy on the classic Mini, creating a second, more sustainable life from much-loved, existing cars.

Mini Sport

Mini Sport is very much a family run UK business, based in Lancashire, that grew from the love of Mini at its launch in 1959, to its inception in 1967, and have been totally dedicated to the marque ever since.

Mini Sport is totally unique in the world of Minis, with capabilities that stretch far beyond just the supply of parts. Their experience has been gained by, building, repairing, restoring and modifying Minis for over 5 decades, proving their pedigree time and time again.

As the longest established classic Mini specialist in the world, covering all aspects of the brand, their expertise runs deep.


Fellten, formally known as Zero EV is a Bristol-based company that is specialising in manufacturing of world-leading,  EV parts for use in electric vehicle conversions. Due to its truly pioneering approach, it’s no surprise Fellten has been successful in accelerating the conversion to EV’s around the world.  

Demonstrating real innovation with the potential to bring custom EV kits that are designed, developed and manufactured in the UK, to convert classic cars more effectively.

EV conversions are an emerging technology around the world, Fellten are set to be at the heart of this.