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Chris Rea x MINI Recharged

In a celebration of timeless design and cutting-edge technology, Recharged Heritage proudly unveils the MINI Recharged – a bespoke electric classic that marries the enduring spirit of the original Mini with the forward-thinking ethos of BMW MINI. This special edition, tailor-made for rock legend Chris Rea, is a poignant tribute to his classic hit "Driving Home for Christmas," encapsulating the joy and nostalgia of the festive season.

Swathed in a deep, midnight black paintwork, Chris Rea's MINI Recharged evokes the silent, serene nights of winter, reflecting the starlit sky with a sophistication that only this colour can convey. The classic centre three clocks preserve the Mini's iconic interior, updated to harmonise with the vehicle's modern electric soul, a perfect symphony of past and future.

The addition of the "sport" package upgrade transforms this MINI Recharged into a symphony of performance and agility, ensuring that the drive remains as exhilarating as the timeless Christmas melodies that inspired its conception. Complementing this dynamic performance are the black alloy wheels, featuring a stunning diamond-cut rim that catches the eye like the twinkle of Christmas lights on a frosty evening.

The vehicle's distinct identity is further enhanced by the bespoke Chris Rea Recharged Heritage bonnet stripes, which serve not just as an aesthetic touch but as an emblem of its unique lineage. The front battery cover is adorned with a custom graphic, celebrating the "Driving Home for Christmas" song – an artistic nod to the muse behind this creation.

Further setting this edition apart are the smoked lights, enveloping the car in an aura of mystery and allure, reminiscent of the quiet streets on a festive Christmas Eve, adding to the cinematic quality of this extraordinary vehicle.

This MINI Recharged, presented under the iconic MINI wings emblem, represents more than a partnership between Recharged Heritage and BMW MINI—it's a beacon of innovation, symbolising a shared legacy and a bold leap into the future of classic car motoring. The unveiling at the iconic Abbey Road Studios, just a stone's throw away from where The Beatles and Chris Rea shaped the music world, underscores the profound connection between this car, its heritage, and the pop culture that it celebrates.

The delivery of this electrified marvel to Chris Rea was not merely a transaction, but a ceremony that honoured the roots of a beloved Christmas anthem and the dawn of a sustainable era in automotive history. It's a mobile testament to the endurance of the MINI brand and a new chapter in the narrative of driving.

MINI Recharged by Recharged Heritage is not just an offering; it's an invitation to be part of an electric evolution, where every journey is underlined by the heritage of the MINI wings emblem. It's your chance to own not just a car, but a legend, reimagined for the modern age—a classic recharged for the journeys to come.

With Chris Rea's MINI Recharged, we invite you to drive home not just for Christmas, but towards a future where every road is a song, every turn a verse, and every destination a chorus in the anthem of progress.