Mini Bespoke

Everything is possible!

No other vehicle, before or since, has inspired so many; everyone loves the Mini. The image of electric vehicles (EVs) has changed, everything you always wanted the Mini to be, is now a reality. Join us for this ride, let your imagination free and create your bespoke Mini.


A bespoke Mini from Recharged Heritage can be whatever you want it to be!
Starting with the SPORT model, specifications can be advanced to suit you,
more power, individual styling, enhanced colours, personalised interiors,
greater luxury. We can create your ultimate zero-emissions Mini...

  • 19 KWh Battery pack (WLTP range over 100miles exact tba)
  • City Mode driving performance (9.5 seconds 0-60mph)
  • Regenerative braking
  • Direct electric motor drive (0 - 11,000 rpm)
  • Retro Gear selector
  • New front Sub-frame
  • Centralised 'Smith' EV analogue instrument gauges
  • Immobiliser
  • Engine undertray for protection and aerodynamics
  • Retro Mini style charging cap
  • Conversion information interior floor plate
  • PTC HV heater conversion
  • 'MINI' Morse-code start-up sound card
  • 'Recharged EV' Side badging.
  • DVLA EV registration assistance
  • Green Band Number plates
  • Full conversion service and 12 month warranty
  • Car history and EV conversion book
  • Sports Mode capability (7.8 sec 0-60mph)
  • Sports Button - Choose City to Sport modes
  • Enhanced Braking System with colour coded alloy calipers
  • Sports Suspension
  • Yokohama tyres
  • 'Recharged EV Sport' Trunk badging.

Unique classic Mini models have always been created, including true works of art,
bring your unique vision to life with Recharged Heritage Bespoke Services


72kW (max 14,000 revs/min )


Bespoke up to 175 NM

Maximum power * 100 BHP (74 kW)
Maximum torque * 175 Nm



19 kWh

Front battery split 11.25kWh
Rear battery split 7.75kWh
Recommended operating ambient temp -5 to 45 Degrees Celsius
Forward and reverse direct drives No gear change or clutch required

** Towing in neutral 5mph max on front wheels otherwise wheels to be lifted

Range based on WLTP 103miles (166 Km)

6.6 kW per hour

(liquid cooled with customer option

bi-directional charging adapter)

Charge time with wall box

3 hours

Charge time with home/domestic plug

9 hours

Top Speed



sub 6 seconds 0-60 mph (0-100 kph) achievable

Dimensions As original
Dry weight As original
Weight distribution As original
Boot capacity As original
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